About Us

‘PPP’ – shorthand for Pizza, Pasta and Passion – we serve all three.

Pizza-Works was conceived and created by a multinational team with the goal of serving authentic Italian food using the best imported ingredients to achieve an easily recognisable and superior taste and we modestly believe our pizza crust to be the best in town.

Pizza-Works means artisan pizza and pasta ‘cooked to order’ in a fired oven and served in a casual ambience by an easy going and friendly team.

Naturally we prefer our guests to eat our food direct from the oven but if that’s not possible we are happy for you to collect a take-out or to order delivery.

We are absolutely convinced you’ll find our pizzas and pastas as authentic as any you’ll discover in Italy – but it doesn’t stop there we’ve some brilliant oven baked chicken dishes, truly original salads that you’ll not find anywhere else and of course let’s not forget the original Panouzzo sandwich.

If it’s simply a great coffee, a snack or a late night craving for something sweet, that’s fine too because we have fantastic coffee and some great desserts and cakes.

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